Silver dessert cutlery set

Product code: ANHE20180027

Colore: Silver
Area: Vintage
Epoca: No
Materiale: Silver 800
Difetti: Excellent vintage condition
Fantastic cutlery set from six in 800 silver. The cutlery, for their size, are suitable to accompany the dessert. The service consists of six forks, six knives, a scoop and a cake knife. Both the scoop and the dessert knife have a decorated handle and the upper part is engraved with floral motifs. The forks and knives have the 800 silver handle as shown by the relief punching and the part in contact with the food in steel. They are in good condition and obviously never used. Silver 800 is an alloy composed of 800 parts of silver and 200 of copper. It is usually used to create cutlery because silver being a very soft metal needs another material to create hard and resistant objects
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