About Us

Welcome to Heyfoo!
Get settle in our wonderland, get enchanted by the stories that the objects will tell you, wander through their mysteries and get surprised with the incredible craft mastery they represent.

Heyfoo is where the uniqueness is a lifestyle.

Welcome to Heyfoo!

We are Sara and Stefania, two friends for a long time, two working mothers, two women who love vintage and simple things like a walk in the historical center, getting close to nature, get astound in before a work of art. We met at work and it was a little 'love at first sight, as the most beautiful friendships, as in the most exciting adventures.

Always together, we are tireless antique markets -goers. Motherhood has given us a great joy, however it has shorten the time available to track down vintage treasures.

We have then started surfing the web but without docking to the right harbor: a place where the products we love were appreciated and well represented.

We have created it ourselves. Each object encapsulates the lives around him, each piece tells the story of the people who have conceived it, created it and used it. That is the great charm of Vintage.

Heyfoo wants to be the place where you can lose yourself in the lives of wonderful objects, where you can get enchanted by the mastery of the craftsmen who created them.

We have involved treasure hunters, antique dealers, junk dealers, we have introduced them to the web, to its power and its depth. We have created for them a solid boat to sail. The scouts it is known do not have time to tell about their feats. We do it for them: we photograph the products, we tell the story behind them, we insert them in our window and we entrust them to you, curious, enthusiastic lovers of uniqueness, so you can love and reinvent them.

To give them a new life worthy of being told again.