Gondola Bassano porcelain

Product code: ANANVHDECO000019

166,00 €
Colore: White
Area: Vintage
Misure: 26 cm x 47 cm
Epoca: No
Materiale: Porcelain
Difetti: excellent conditions
Beautiful gondola in Bassano porcelain. The Bassano factories start to produce ceramics in the Republic of Venice who wanted to oppose the import of Chinese artifacts. The Bassano porcelain quickly become famous for the high quality craftsmanship of their products. Not only were food products but also ceramic figures give as a gift to beautify the home. This Porcelain tatue reproduces the typical means of displacement of Venice: the gondola. Above venice boat they were made of the figures in typical nineteenth-century clothes. The statue is marked Bassano. It will be a wonderful gift for that special someone
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