Wedding planner, floral designer or photographer?
If this is your job we want to help you out to organize an unique and special one.

We want to give you some ideas.

Are you a wedding planner? What a beautiful job. Weddings are our passion and we want to help you out to organize an unique and special one.
Our wonderful antique cups filled with flowers can be used as special placeholder. It will be easy to create a shabby atmosphere with our glass bottles. Our antique plates will give an unique Vintage touch to the lay out.
The tableau du marriage will be very special with our typeface as a placeholder. What could be more romantic than an antique chandelier to light up the celebration of eternal love?

Are you a floral designer? Anyone who works with flowers has our admiration. The beauty of nature needs to be enhanced.

Give a try with our antique vases. Every bride dreams on of being princess for a day: use our ceramic jardinière. They are low vases specially designed to be the centrepiece of great occasions.

Are you a photographer? Being watched from a lens is something fascinating to us. You can use our retro-style photo shoot accessories. An antique suitcase, a finely cut crystal glass, an early twentieth century picnic kit will help you capture the essence of marriage: love and complicity.

Every bride is as unique as the dreams she carries. Fulfilling them requires much effort, creativity and an extensive network of contacts. We will be your ace in the hole. Tell us about desire, love, romance and passion. We love stories: listening to them, telling them, living them, putting them into practice.

Make us part of your project
  • We will ask our antique dealers the materials that you need
  • We will pick them together
  • We will help you make the best use of them
  • You will have the option to decide whether to buy them or rent them.
  • We will take care of the delivery at the designated location.

We think that every wedding is as unique as the love that creates it. We are not the kind of people of reset packets, for the best way to find out more is simple.

Contact us!