White linen fabric with colored stripes

Product code: ANGCVTTESS000004

47,00 €
Colore: White
Area: Vintage
Decoro: Color lines
Misure: H 160 cm
Epoca: No
Materiale: Linen
Unobtainable fabric in pure white linen with colored striped jacquard . This beautiful 100 % linen fabric is striped and it was made ​​from a historic French weaving. The color is natural ivory due to excellent quality flax . Parallel to the selvage , at regular distances , they are woven thin colored stripes . The stripes are made ​​of jacquard delicate color gradation . Starting from the selvedge there are red , orange, pink, green, blue and fuchsia . If cut parallel to the selvage it will be easy to obtain the ironic runner . This fabric is also perfect for create pillow covers or tablecloths . The excellent quality of the linen make it pleasant to the touch , so also perfect for making clothes .
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